Who are we? We believe that a church is people, not just a building. People who are doing their best to follow God in a world which seems to change by the day. We believe the Bible shows the best way to live life to the full, serving God and our village community. Emmanuel Mayford is the daughter church of St John’s, Woking. We’re a village church, at the informal end of the Anglican tradition - and our aim is to extend a warm and friendly welcome to all. We will do everything we can to make you feel at home with us, to help you grow closer to God and help you make a difference in the world.



What do we do? We meet for worship every Sunday at 9.30 am in the Emmanuel building on Saunders Lane, Mayford. The service lasts for just an hour and is friendly and informal. Young children are welcome. We have a weekly house-group where we discover how the Bible speaks into our everyday lives, where we build friendships and pray for those in need. Together we come to know more fully the love of Jesus and the special purpose He has for each of us. We pray for the Village. Our wish is that many would come to know what a difference it makes in today’s real world to have faith in Jesus. We are happy to respond to anyone’s request for prayer. We give to carefully considered good causes. For example, we support Woking’s York Road Project for the homeless


Part of our service to the village is a coffee morning and get-together on the first Wednesday of each month at 10am, to which all those at home during the day are welcome. We have a different topic each month - maybe a Christian speaker making a difference in a secular job, a display by local photographers, a craft demonstration or something linked to local history.  Always with freshly-brewed coffee, homemade cakes and a chance to chat.


Why do we do these things? It’s because we have found that God has a wonderfully deep and unconditional love for all people, despite our shortcomings, and He longs for all of us to know Him. We believe that having faith in Jesus Christ sets us right with God and enables us to share His love with others. His love is freely available to you too. Contact us The best way is to drop in and join us one Sunday! We're sure you'll feel welcome and we hope you' ll stay and join us for coffee after the service. We're happy to chat, but will never put anyone under pressure.