We‘ve had a baby!

From time to time we get a call from new parents who are thrilled with God’s wonderful gift to them and want to mark their gratitude to God in church. If that’s you, then first of all, many congratulations! How are you sleeping?

There are two services we offer, one called Baptism (or Christening) and one called Thanksgiving for the Gift of a child. Baptism is a formal welcome into church membership, and so it involves water (!), a clear confession of Christian belief by the parents and Godparents and three sessions of baptism preparation for the parents. These happen directly following morning services in church. Baptism has to take place in the main Sunday service. The Thanksgiving is not a matter of church membership and so doesn’t involve such clear statements of Christian belief. It can be held at other times as a ‘family’ event and is normally suggested for parents who are not yet committed Christians or who are as yet unmarried.

Parents wishing to explore baptism or thanksgiving for their child should contact the office and a member of staff will arrange to meet you and talk it through.

We look forward very much to meeting and getting to know you.