Home Groups

We encourage Church members to join a Home Group for fellowship, prayer, Bible study (and, dare we suggest) fun. Meetings are normally held in member’s homes. Groups support one another in a variety of ways and often become close Christian friends. Many groups meet weekly for 3 10-week terms, though some meet fortnightly. We operate a ‘try before you commit’ policy, so why not give a group a go? You may try more than one before you find the right one for you, but that’s no problem. The important thing is to find a group you feel really at home with. 

The group leaders, and their Woking telephone numbers are listed below. Some are full! So, if you are interested, have a word with one of our Ministers.

Emmanuel              Thursdays                                    David & Ros Askew  764508

Hermitage 1            Wednesdays afternoons                 Pat Alexander  475168

Hermitage 2            Wednesdays                                 Gary & Rachel Holister 836340

                                                                                 Ged Densham-Brown 486014

Hook Heath             Wednesdays                                Irene & David Thorne 751476

                                                                                 Jill Page  772326

Horsell/ Goldsworth  Thursday                                     Tony Graham                                  

                                                                                 Chris Bevis 771247

Inkerman                 Wednesdays                                Roger & Pam Sayers 832215

                                                                                 Sue Day 480801

St. John’s Hill          Thursday afternoon                       Robin Lack 761790

St. John’s Road       Tuesdays                                     Tim & Rhona Read                         

St. John’s Village     Wednesday                                  Marie & Tony Fisher  839664

                                                                                 Cynthia Green  859793

Winnington Way       Wednesdays                                Derek and Jill Howard 722414

18:38                       Wednesdays                               Amanda Fairless 07983705922    

Sankey/Beston         Wednesday                                George & Judith Beston  385027

                                                                                Mark & Helen Sankey 823657

Prassad/Batchelor     Thursday                                   Reji & Smrithy Prasad 07704570075

                                                                                Kenji & Lizzy Batchelor 07791727174

Barwick/Halls/Viljoen  Wednesday                              Oli & Sam Barwick 07751233245

                                                                               Wayne & Jo Halls  480228

                                                                               Steve & Donné Viljoen 07595945509

McG/Price/Butwell      Thursday                                Steve & Candice McGoldrick 726284

                                                                              Richard & Lys Price 721351

                                                                              Annie Butwell  486336

Friday ladies               Friday morning                       Jeane Horn 725951

                                                                              Alison Hardwick