We support a number of Christian missionary societies and relief agencies through both prayer and financial donations (currently about 15% of all the church’s general income). We also maintain contact with some of their missionary partners. We do this in response to Jesus’ commission to every Christian: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Our core values, under the section entitled ‘To make known the Good News of Christ’, includes the line: ‘We commit ourselves to supporting and praying for overseas mission and the worldwide Church.’ Our misssion policy can be found here

Our 5 main links, which each get a minimum of 2½% of the church’s unrestricted income, are:-

Crosslinks - an international mission society with its roots in the Bible, working largely within the worldwide Anglican Communion. Partners: Rev. Josh Hooker  lectured in Biblical Studies at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) for 11 years. In 2018 he was asked to co-ordinate the training ministry of East Side Baptist Church. Robbie Bellis  spent eight years in Brussels, working alongside Woluwe Evangelical Church to share the gospel with unbelievers and build up believers in their faith. They moved to Louvain-la-Neuve in the summer of 2019 to begin a church plant.

Interserve-  who work in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia, providing support to local Christians and building relationships with non-Christians. PartnerMatt & Andrea.

Serving in Mission - an international organisation with more than 4,000 mission workers in more than 70 countries, serving among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.  

UCCF: The Christian UnionsWorking in partnership with local churches, Christian Unions are led by students and supported by UCCF Christian Union Staff Workers. They are non-denominational, welcoming students from different backgrounds, denominations and church traditions, and exist to give every student on campus an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Partner: Claire Dent


Emmanuel Church directly supports Interserve, the Christian Institute and the York Road Project from their own giving.

We also support financially the local Schools Christian Assembly Team now known as Engage, the Cross Cultural ministry (‘ACROSS’) and the York Road Project hostel for homeless people. These organisations all work in the Woking.

We prayerfully support a good number of ex-members of our church who are doing Christian work across the UK and the world, including in particular Steve & Susan Clark working with YWAM in Australia, George Osborn an evangelist and Sid Williams working with disadvantaged teenage boys in Manchester.