Whatever your reason for coming, whatever your background, your belief, your circumstances, we are very pleased that you are here. You are most warmly welcome.

St. John’s is the Church of England parish church for this part of Woking, after which our village is named. Emmanuel Church, Mayford is our daughter church, lead by the same team and serving the smaller village of Mayford. We are in the Diocese of Guildford, are members of the Evangelical Alliance and have a long tradition of involvement in the Guildford Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship.
For General Enquiries and details of other events please contact our Church Administrators in the Church Office which is normally open between 9 am and 1 pm Monday to Friday. Telephone (01483) 726039 or email office [at]

Sunday Services at St. John’s Church

We aim to provide a variety of services in styles to suit different tastes, from the formal and traditional through to more modern and youth orientated worship.
The 8am Service is a quiet and formal Service with Holy Communion.
The 10am Service is more of a family occasion with a “Children’s Spot” and music provided by both the pipe organ (sometimes with choir) and a music group. Holy Communion is on the second Sunday of each month.  There is a supervised crèche for babies and children up to 3 years of age although we are happy for little ones to stay in Church if you prefer. There are also Sunday school groups and Youth activities, including bible teaching, songs, crafts and games which the children normally join after the “Children’s Spot.” We do have family or “all-age” services at certain times of the year, when the children stay in Church for the duration. We try to keep these services lighter, shorter and often introduce a little fun. Refreshments, with real coffee, are served after the service and most people hang around and chat. 
The 6.30pm Service is for all adults, though it has a young and contemporary feel, with worship lead by the band. Holy Communion is on the fourth Sunday of each month. Refreshments, with real coffee, are served after the service and most people hang around and chat. 

Sunday Service at Emmanuel Mayford

The 9.30am Service is run on the same lines as the 10am service at St John's without formal children's groups. Emmanuel is a small but very friendly church.

So, what about you?

Perhaps you are a Christian who is new to the area and is seeking to join a warm and welcoming church family, where the congregation are a mixed bunch, in terms of their ages and backgrounds, and where good Bible teaching and outreach are priorities; where everyone is valued and welcomed, and where you have a choice of services from the quiet and contemplative to the joyful. Where church is not just for Sundays and where you can, if you wish, get involved in various learning and support groups for children, youth and adults.
Well, this is how we try to be although, not being perfect, we don’t always measure up! 
Give us a try, judge for yourself, and please let us know if we fail you. 

On the other hand…

You may simply feel that something is missing in your life and have found yourself inexplicably drawn here. 
You may be concerned about the way of the world, or your own life, and are consciously seeking to learn more about the Christian faith. 
You may be asking why it is that so many millions of people throughout the world believe in, follow and worship the man named Jesus, who lived for just 33 years, over 2000 years ago, in Nazareth, even though they face persecution, and even death, because they openly declare their belief.  
If any part of this touches something within you then you need to seriously think about following your instincts. 

So, how do you find out what this Christianity is all about?

In addition to our Sunday Services we arrange short courses designed to welcome and introduce newcomers to the “good news” of Jesus Christ. These courses (Alpha, Christianity Explored etc.) are not “heavy” or “in your face” but are designed to feed enquiring minds and deal with some of the “BIG questions”. These sessions are enlightening and provide time for open discussion where doubts, worries and personal views can be aired openly in a friendly and supportive environment.

OK So, what next?

We would dearly love to see you join us at St. John’s. The next move, however is yours – we do not, and will not, exert any kind of pressure on you. You can simply come to our Sunday Services and hopefully get to meet people. You might also fill in an enquirers form and either give it to one of the clergy or drop it into the office post box on the front wall behind the table in the Welcome Area. Whatever you decide, we wish you every blessing.